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29 mayo 2011

Julia Marcell - Carousel

Domingo! hoy canción tranquilita antes de afrontar un lunes clave, Julia Marcell es una joven compositora polaca que hace dos años sacaba su primer LP It Might Like You un disco que llegaba tras presentar el año anterior, en 2008 su primer y único EP hasta la fecha, Storm.

Sin mucho tiempo para actualizar os dejo con Carousel, una maravilla de canción para un domingo como este. Disco muy recomendable disponible en


You are the perfect box to keep my heart in
Try to hide your smile when carousel goes...
I look into your eyes, but you don't see me
So many notes like light years between us

I'll wait, I will stay,
not for you , not today
the stars agree - you're meant for me,
the cards all say you're on my way
Screw common sense, I'll take my chance

You say: I don't know you,
but do you know yourself?
Can you be fully known, completely
like the back of someone's hand?
Can you be like the back of my own hand?

Because when all the clouds get dark above me
and all my hours disappoint me
You are the perfect box to keep my heart in
so far away but still there

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