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20 julio 2011

Montt Mardié - Pretenders

Solo una escucha ha sido necesaria para saber que esta canción debia ser canción del día para el blog. Gracias a Vero por el tema (y por muchos otros, que como ponga un blog como este me dejas sin visitas). Os comentaré rápidamente que se trata de Pretenders, canción incluida en el segundo disco de Montt Mardié, cantante sueco que en 2007 sacó Clocks/Pretender doble disco de 10 canciones cada uno, con la particularidad que en todas las canciones de Pretender participa otro artistas. Y en esta canción participa su compatriota Hello Saferide de la que no hace mucho puse una canción. A ver si os gusta, voy a escuchar el disco entero a ver que tal.

Ánimo, ya queda menos para el viernes! :)

Whenever you decide to let go
call me, let me know
I'll hold you while you break

It's been 20 days and 13 hours
since we declared that our
love was up for trade

I woke up
-Sunday sad
went through it all,
-the things we said
and settled
Dragged my feet
-cross China-Town
Thought I it was
-I need to tell you

I guess that we'll never have coffee to catch up
but sometimes I dial your number and hang up
just to pretend you're there

Tomorrow I might leave yeah I might go
to Spain or Mexico
if I only took the time
I expect you not to come but to be there
as the ghost of all I fear since you're no longer mine

I get drunk
-barely out of bed
Have conversations
-in my head
-some with you
But it's alright
-I'll never leave
I'm bound to stay
-this town's my only tissue

So if I start crying it's just cause I'm tired
I have pills for my sleeping but I haven't tried them
I'd rather pretend you're here

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